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The GOLD-PARADORES-TOURS are unforgettable and exclusive adventure trips through Andalusia, during which you experience the Spanish culture, ride on up-to-date BMW bikes on breath taking roads and enjoy the Spanish hospitality.

The region covered by the GOLD PARADORES-TOURS extends from Malaga, a city full of history and vibrant port in the south to the medieval trading town Murcia in the north east and from the Mediterranean beaches to the mountaintops over 2 000 meters high of the Sierra Nevada.

While you enjoy the GOLD PARADOR-TOUR, your luggage are transported to the next Parador hotel, where a room with all commodities of a luxury hotel expects you. The day is completed by Spanish cuisine specialties.

Let yourself be led by our tour guides through the spectacular Spanish landscape on perfect asphalted roads. A dream holiday for you and possibly your accompanying person – Dream holidays are always better with 2!

The programme is particularly suitable for:

  • For curious and adventure seekers
  • For trip fans who would like to discover Andalusia
  • For all who do not want to handle the logistics or want to avoid a long trip
  • Potential buyers of BMW tour bikes

What does the programme include?

between 4 and 6 riders per guide

between 150 and 410 km travelled per day

wished machine: ensured


3, 6 or 10 days: riding fun and pure adventure

at least 2 guides per tour

Support vehicle with a substitution bike and luggage.

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