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Off-road-tours: If motorcycling gets a taste of adventure

Riding off-road is fun for you, but you want to be even better? Equal if you are a beginner or have been were often on gravel road, through our off-road-trips, it becomes a passion: Required but not overcharged. In small groups the instructors detecting the right level of difficulty and by the way enthusiasm will overcome you that you can't get out of your mind.

Enjoy the landscape - check out the secrets of Andalusia

You start from our hotels at the sea and drive on gravel roads through the Sierra Cabrera. Riding off-road means to solve the challenges of the terrain in the group. Thereby always stands in the foreground the common experience as well as the scenically and riding enjoyment. Along the way small cafes with Spanish charm invite to cozy siestas. This beautiful region offers also for beginners everything what the off-road-heart desires.

Safety first

Enjoyment and safety stands above speed and risk. Many GS riders move their machine only very limited offside the paved roads. In Central Europe it is hardly possible. Unlike in the Sierras of Andalucia - Our experienced off-road-team will always help in every possible way and shows you your hidden potential riding skills as well as the performance of the BMW GS models. All our tour-guides are experts on loose ground, one of them is the multiple German, Slovak and Czech Enduro Champion as well as Six Days winner Radek Matoska.

OFF-ROAD-KNOW HOW – Quickly and efficiently imparted

Off-Road-Know-How - Quickly and efficiently imparted. In small groups you will handle very soon the initial challenges. Initially imparted basics - like correct observation control, correct stand position as well as braking maneuvers on loose surfaces - prepare yourself optimally for your drive with the Enduro. Highlights are trips on narrow tracks, ruts and small ascents and descents, which will help you to optimize your feeling for the machine. After a short time you will take your GS and be amazed how your riding experience has changed positively for the road!