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Programme – CLASSIC

The CLASSIC programmes are the most booked programmes. They perfectly combine the test and holiday conditions with an all-inclusive top level service and ensure an unforgettable time in the sunny south of Spain – in Andalusia!


As CLASSIC rider you already dive in the luxury of the BMW Motorrad Test-Camp and discover the perfect motorbike oasis in the warm south of Spain: in Mojácar, in the heart of Andalusia, lies your dream hotel framed by the most beautiful roads, fascinating viewpoints and one of the most attractive racetrack in Spain: the Circuito de Almeria. Grand Prix teams have already set up their wintering grounds there for many years. You explore this exciting region in daily varied tours. In the evening you recover in the 4-star hotel “Marina Playa” and will be spoiled with cuisine specialties. Also the fitness won’t miss out – between the sauna, the indoor pool, the fitness studio and the “BMW Fit2Ride” programme – you have the choice!

You still have to ride the bike – we take care of the rest!

The CLASSIC programme is particularly suitable for:

  • Riders who look for the right balance between test and adventure
  • Riders who keep in mind the best value for money
  • Riders who focus on an average kilometres travelled
  • Riders of all levels, given that there is no minimum level required.
  • Of course beginners and riders back on two wheels are most welcome!

>> See here our offer for beginners „BACK ON TWO WHEELS“ und „CURVE SCHOOL

What is in the programme included?


between 5 and 7 riders per guide

between 180 and 270 km travelled per day

wished machine: when possible

48 PS: bookable

lowered seat: bookable

navigation system: when available


between 3 and 5 riders per guide

between 120 and 200 km travelled per day

choice of bike: offroad

lowered seat / seat adaptation: when possible


2 days racetrack – Circuito de Almeria

35 riders per group

6 riders per instructor

5 turns (à 20 min per day)

reversed gear: bookable

Metzeler K3 - tires

Excess: 4.000,- EUR

Reduction to 2.500,- EUR for 40,- EUR/Tag: additional booking

Reduction to 1.500,- EUR for 60,- EUR/Tag: additional booking

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