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Basic training for the race track

Get away from the winter? Try the first meters on the track? Develop a clean line and on top of it perfect the braking? Train hanging-off and knee-down? Every „yes“ to these questions leads you to the new offer at the BMW Motorrad Test-Camp: to the curve school!

Because the curve school on the brand-new racetrack Autodromo Andalucia’s handling track next to the Circuito de Almeria is outstandingly suited for all those things. There are more than enough curves in different radius; the track is all in all a technical challenge.

On different parts of it, the vision, line, seat position and hanging-off will be trained. The right feeling for the lean angle combined with the knowledge of the possibilities of the tires and bike provides a huge asset in the safety and create reserve for the handling of hard traffic situations. This awareness is at least as important for sport riding on the track.

Training points

  • Line and alternative
  • Seat position and moving on the bike
  • Viewing direction
  • Group sessions on the track coached by instructors

Suited for

The curve school is suitable for sport ambitioned riders, as well as passionate road drivers, who want to ride on a track for the first time. This training is not suitable for absolute beginners, pilots who do not drive often (see our special “comeback”- programme) and racers.