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RE-BEGINNER - Get that feeling back

You have not been on two wheels for a long time? You have the feeling of lack of riding experience to start directly again? Our RE-BEGINNER-Program accompanies you through the whole BMW Motorrad Test-Camp and makes sure that you re-discover the true passion anew.

Drive your comeback

It expects you a workout on the current BMW Motorrad models incl. motorcycle clothing. In order that the fun does not fall by the wayside we are training exclusively in small groups of up to eight persons. Professional trainers will lead you individually through the various tasks. Braking technique, precise steering movements and pulses, weight stabilizing will be taught as well as different curve techniques, evasive maneuvers and the correct observation control.

360° riding safety

Our experienced instructors will show you the proper riding experience and give you the maximum riding safety for racetrack and road. For you, we provide the rider equipment free of charge - this includes: pants, jacket, helmet and back protector.

Now you have to do one thing: take the handlebar into the hand and rise again!

For each on the right model

Even after the RE-BEGINNER-Program, we have something for you. Whether you want to drive with a S 1000 RR on the racetrack or would rather experience at first hand the roads of Andalusia by making a tour: We offer you for each area the absolutely perfect motorcycle. From full-blooded racing performance over purist roadster to innovative two-wheeled solutions in the field of Urban Mobility - a BMW is always the right companion.