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Racetrack test on the Circuito de Almeria / Circuito de Andalucia

The motorsport facility Almeria dispose - with the Circuito de Almeria and the Circuito de Andalucia - of two fully developed tracks, which lie only separated by the paddocks. The Circuito de Almeria is very fluid to ride and its attraction lies in the several blind summits and the combination of different corner radius and a long straight line whereas the Circuito de Andalucia is a technically demanding track, which requires from the rider high concentration and good physical condition.

Both the Circuito de Almeria and the Circuito de Andalucia are modern with all security components racetracks. The security is guaranteed by the marshals linked with radio and by an outstanding medical team. During the winter months many teams from Moto3 and Moto2 carry out tests here. The facility possesses all the equipment required for the realisation of the BMW Motorrad Test-Camp.

In the CLASSIC and SILVER programmes we ride exclusively on the Circuito de Almeria. In the GOLD programme, the participants enjoy both racetracks. To begin with the participants are divided into groups of level according to their estimation and are assigned to an instructor group. After the first turns on the track, which are on principal always guided by an instructor, the level of the participants is evaluated and new groups are done. The aim is, as quick as possible, that maximum pleasure to all participants is endured. They enjoy at least 5 turns per day – in the SILVER and GOLD programmes 6 turns per day. In the groups A and B (fast and medium fast groups) there is the possibility to ride freely. The group C (slow riders and beginners) will be instructed the whole time without exception. The instructors do not only ride on the track but they also convey a lot of know how about the right way to ride on the track and give the participants the necessary tools for future successful trainings.

Situation and facts

The Circuito de Almeria lies directly alongside the national road C.N.340, which connects the cities of Almeria and Murcia near the village of Tabernas. From our hotels Marina Playa and Parador de Mojácar the shuttle bus needs about 45 min to get there.

The motorsport facility lies on a high plateau, bordered by two mountain chains, which protect the region from rain clouds. Thus it rains rarely there. The temperatures lie during the time of the BMW Motorrad Test-Camp mostly between 15 and 20°C, 5°C more in the sun. The nights are fresh, which sometimes lasts until the afternoon. It might then be good to take an under sport suit. The training won’t be affected due to the appropriate choice of tires.

Technical specifications

Circuito de Almeria Circuito de Andalucia
Full length 4.025 m 4.310 m
Straight lines (total) 2.390 m 630 m
Maximum width 12 m 12 m
Minimum width 10 m 10 m
Corners 8 right- und 5 left corners as well as 1 chicane 11 right- und 6 left corners
Paddock 24.000 m² 16.000 m²
Boxes 29 18

The perfect surroundings

Who leaves the racetrack for a few kilometres in the direction of Mojácar, will immediately understand that this region is a paradise for riders. Almost no traffic, splendid asphalted mountain roads and no trace of the police. To top it of the sun shines 300 days a year. Even in December and January it is at least 18°C warm, between 10 am and 5 pm. It is a good feeling at this time of year to enjoy the sun, when central Europe lies under the snow.