Schedule 1st day - ROAD

7.00 AM Fit 2 Ride – Morning jogging / Gym
from 7.45 AM Breakfast at the restaurant
8.45 AM Introduction to the vehicle on the parking deck, customisation (saddle height etc…)
9.45 AM Meeting with the tour guides in the foyer
10.00 AM Departure for Road tour 1
from 2.00 PM Lunch break at the hotel
from 3.00 PM Continuation of Road tour 2 in groups
from 6.00 PM Return to the hotel
6.30 PM Fit 2 Ride – Evening jogging / Muscles easing near the swimming pool
7.15 PM „BMW Navigator V“ – Workshop – Introduction
8.00 PM Dinner together at the restaurant (reserved tables)
The programme is getting its last details planed and will soon be top actual! Of course all new BMW models will be introduced and discussed.

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